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David G. Burkholder


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YOUNG MAN, BE STRONG | David G. Burkholder |
"Good character is like steel in a concrete structure. You can't see the steel reinforcement in the concrete, but without it the concrete is weak...
"Good character is not what a person says or pretends to be. It's what he really is beneath the surface...
"Character is produced by the principles that you allow to rule your life... It's not what you talk about but what you practice in your everyday living.
"What you practice you will become. If you live nobly, you will have noble character. If you live selfishly, your character will be selfish...
"So, young man, your character is largely the results of your choices..."
This book is written to help you make those choices that will build strong, solid character. Day by day and year by year, your character can be strengthened as you yield to God's training. this brings glory to Him, is a strengthening influence to others, and will bring true satisfaction to you with eternal rewards.
Softcover, 246 pages.

  • Published by: Rod and Staff Publications

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