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Elizabeth Wagler


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Bread Upon the Waters | Elizabeth Wagler |
The story of an ordinary woman with a big heart.
A house to build in tropical Belize. Babies. Piles of food and piles of dirty clothes. Caring for aging parents. More babies. Added to the duties over the years was a husband who worked hard but also fostered harmful habits. Although Gertel was grateful for her family, sometimes she had to cover her eyes and sigh with exhaustion. As her family grew, her responsibilities changed-but still there was little rest in sight. Children who were not her own needed Gretel's care, and her husband became an invalid.
Gretel reflected. The Bible said, "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days." She had to wonder if this would be true for her life. Would the results of her hard work ever come back to bless her?
Softcover, 334 pages.

  • Published by: TGS International

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