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Laura Smucker


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A REASON TO HOPE | Laura Smucker |
Bombers and soldiers have ceased to frighten little Mira Kalinowski living in Warsaw during World War II. What she does not understand is why the soldiers took her father away, and why she and her brother must leave their home. What will sustain Mira and her family when they return to find their former home reduced to a pile of crumbled bricks? The pain and emotional scars the war inflicts on this Polish family mark them for life. No longer can they function as they did before their city was ruined and then overtaken by a new form of government. They must carve out a new way of life under communist rule. As a young adult, Mira begins to realize her need for a purpose in life. Will the Catholic Church provide her with answers? Will marriage fulfill her hopes and dreams? Read to discover how Mira finds a reason to hope and a reason to live because of Christ. Paperback, 244 Pages

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