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Books for Young Teens

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A DROP OF MERCY Becky McGurrin

Becky McGurrin

Heinrich glared at the soldier, pity draining from his heart. "You killed a good man," he said at last. The soldier looked at him uncomprehendingly. "Have mercy, sir. I'm so thirsty." "Is this what you want?" Heinrich asked, holding up his cider skin. The soldier's face lit up. "Aye. Bless you for it." Heinrich spat. "Not even a drop. Here's your mercy." He turned the skin upside-down and squeezed every last drop of...

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Harvey Yoder

Born into a poor family in China little Wei was just another mouth to feed. And in a land racked with famine, that was the last thing anyone wanted. Spiritual famine also gripped China. The Communist government demanded loyalty and had ways of dealing with people who held other views. But to Chinese Christians, Jesus Christ was worth any sacrifice, position, family, freedom, even life. Few believers lived in Wei's...

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AARON'S CIVIL WAR Romaine Stauffer

Romaine Stauffer

I've been pushed around all my life, Aaron thought. Somebody is always telling me what to do, when to do it, and where to go. I'm sick of it. Lured by the promise of adventure, travel and a large bonus, Aaron Stauffer turned his back on his training and his mother's tears and enlisted to fight in the Civil War. His heart swelled with pride and patriotism as he shouldered his newly acquired musket and marched behind...

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ADOPTED Becky McGurrin

Becky McGurrin

This is the day you give up the most precious thing you've ever been given, Pat said in a quiet, sad corner of her mind. The time had come, the last time she would see her daughter-forever. Pat's decision to place Suzzane for adoption haunted her for years. The true story of a woman whose life of disappointment and loss was transformed by her growing awareness of a God who surprised and blessed her beyond what she...

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ALL FOR LOVE Pablo Yoder

Pablo Yoder

Life with his father and stepmother meant neglect and abuse, but at least Jose Adan had food and clothing. Life with his mother offered freedom and a sense of belonging, but he often went hungry and had no money for school. Jose Adan bounced back and forth between the two, his heart starved for the love and security that neither home could offer. This is the true story of a boy's quest for love and belonging-a...

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Katrina Hoover

A Memoir of the 2010 Cholera Epidemic in La Source, Haiti With perceptive observations and heartwarming language, Blue Christmas is one volunteer's perspective on what it was like to face the cholera epidemic in La Source, Haiti, during the latter part of 2010. Drawing on her firsthand experiences, the author leads us into the world of a blue tarp hospital, describing the medical procedures in layman's terms and...

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BOOTPRINTS Deborah Beachy and Sharon Beachy

Deborah Beachy and Sharon Beachy

As a boy, Jason Kauffman feared his father. As a man, he hated him. Jason thought this was normal. Fathers and sons do not get along, do they? Then why did it bother him when his own sons began to fear him? There was no way to break the cycle. Everything was his father's fault. His addictions. His anger. His bitterness. There was no way he could change until his father died, Jason thought. Then Jason discovered...

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BORN TO DIE Angela K. Zehr

Angela K. Zehr

The year was 1527, and unrest was sweeping through the Swiss region. Concerned men called for church reform, but the kind of church they wanted would threaten the core of established government and many "long-held" practices. An unwilling observer of the upheaval, Annabelle Friesen faces a drama that she can't wish away. She watches with trepidation as all her beliefs and relationships are shaken by the new way of...

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BUT NOT FORSAKEN Helen Brenneman

Helen Brenneman

Like other German cities, Krauter became a blacked out vacuum at night. But tonight Hans felt it was especially quiet. Something must be wrong. Finally Hans arrived at Felderstrasse 21. "Maria" he hissed. No one answered. Heart pounding, Hans entered the house. Except for a few scattered possessions and a rumpled bed on the floor, the place was deserted. His wife and children were gone! Hans buried his face in his...

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Fonda Good

Twelve-year-old Olive doesn't know any home except California, since she moved there with her parents when she was too young to remember. Life where her relatives live in eastern Ohio seems superior to hers. She dreams of the fun times at family reunions and the seemingly carefree lives her cousins talk about. In contrast, her life in dry California seems difficult and unexciting. But slowly, Olive begins to realize...

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