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Christian life is based on principles found in the New Testament. These principles are summarized in the commission Jesus gave to his followers to "Go, make disciples, baptize them, and teach them." Over the course of centuries motivation to follow this commission became weak. In the 1500's an effort to restore this began, and its namesake continues in the Anabaptists. No movement, however, is immune to the ravages of time and human depravity. Therefore, Anabaptism also struggles to maintain this motivation, and the skills needed in making and maturing disciples have largely been lost. In this seminar, we will discuss this loss, and suggest some ways to restore it in the 21st century.
1. What have we lost? - Tom Johnson
2. Establishing a Clear Vision - Dave Snyder
3. Loving like the Master - Dave Snyder
4. Equipping for Service - Ben Waldner

  • Published by: Deeper Life Ministries

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