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Lou Priolo


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You’re unhappy and you can’t put your finger on why. The most confusing thing is that you’re a Christian – you never thought you’d have to deal with this! It couldn’t be a heart problem…a sin problem…could it?
If you’re a Christian, you may not have considered contentment to be related to your unhappiness. But unless you can say you trust God everywhere He puts you and are happy with whatever He gives you, by definition you are not content! And when that happens you are left with a major cause of unhappiness.
Lou Priolo helps you identify discontentment in your life through first analyzing the level of your contentment. What’s more, he helps you move forward, describing what true biblical contentment is and laying out Scripture’s own directions for cultivating it.
Softcover, 40 pages

  • Published by: P & R Publishing

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