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Amish Frontier Series

Rebecca Martin


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A SONG FOR THE KING | Rebecca Martin |
Book 3 of The AMish Frontier Series
Homeless. Nobody likes the sound of that word. Thirteen-year-old Lydia Yoder certainly didn't. But that was how she felt-homeless.
The Yoder family was on the move again, first working for produce farmers at Ordway, then on to Montana. Lydia's parents teach her that a heart trusting in God is never homeless.
An Amish community had been started in Montana some years before the Yoders arrived. But life is still full of pioneer hardships for the Yoders. Lydia's 8-year-old nephew Noah had his share of adventures too. On the first night in their new home, monsters threaten to eat the house!
It is 1914 and Europe is at war. the fighting is far away, yet its effects reach America. Lydia learns that no one is free of the evil that causes war-but the gift of Christ's forgiveness is free to all. All mankind may sing a song to the King.

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