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Books for Young Teens

Mary Ellen Beachy


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In Children Around the World you will experience what life is like for most of the world's children - poverty, sadness, and sickness. And above all, God's strength and miracles in the midst of very difficult times.

As Pavel scraped clean his supper plate, he looked at his mother and questioned, "What are we going to eat tomorrow?" He knew that there was no more food in their house, yet his mother's faith in God was strong. Courageously, she replied, "God will provide us with food to eat." The young lad went to bed and slept the sweet, innocent sleep of childhood. but his mother tossed and turned. "Why did I tell Pavel that?" she worried. "What if we have nothing to eat tomorrow? Pavel could lose his faith in God." Finally she prayed and cast her burden for bread upon her heavenly Father; then she fell asleep. Did God take care of them? Read this book to find out!
Softcover, 181 pages.

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