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Romaine Stauffer


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Christian Burkholder's life followed a peaceful routine of farming, family, and church. This was the quiet freedom his mother had been searching for when she brought her family to Pennsylvania form the Old World when he was just a lad.
As a farmer, father, and church leader, Christian watched uneasily as anti-British attitudes bubbled up in the American colonies. In outright rebellion against the king, colonial leaders organized a government and mustered militias to fight. As the war progressed, Christian stood by without protesting as the army confiscated his harvest of wheat and drove his cattle away to feed the soldiers.
Christian and his fellow church leaders discussed the new law that required them to swear loyalty to the state. The Bible taught them to honor the king and to love their fellow men. Could their people endure threats from neighbors, double taxes and heavy fines, the prospect of jail time, and having their properties confiscated?
Based on historical characters, Loyalty Test describes the trials of a peaceful people in distressing times. Christian Burkholder and others like him are encouraging examples of a higher loyalty-one that stands true to God in difficult circumstances.
A sequel to Hidden Riches.

  • Published by: Christian Light Publications

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