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Rachael Lofgren


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As the young rebel rode through town on his spirited horse, he reveled in the freedom he had to make his own choices. He could have fun showing off his riding prowess. He could choose his own friends. Someday he would go anywhere he liked, and he would show his family and community all he could do. But a change was in the making, and Sanford found it harder and harder to enjoy his selfish pursuits. And when he finally yielded himself to God, he found that the real adventures were only beginning. Now, instead of making a name for himself, he wanted to glorify God's name. And God was faithful to provide Sanford with many opportunities to do just that. When a man who is eager for new challenges embraces God's call, anything can happen. God used Sanford to expand His kingdom in new and innovative ways. Yet, while the trailblazer experienced many exciting adventures, his life consisted primarily of serving God in ordinary days filled to the brim with hard work, difficult questions, and relational challenges.
Softcover, 232 pages

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