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Robert Stauffer


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Whether hunting for deer on a frosty morning, making cabinets, or dipping sludge from an outhouse, Robert Stauffer finds ways to learn from his experiences. Here is a sampling of stories he shares in this book:
“What was that noise?” I sat up in bed, instantly awake. It sounded like barbed wire being stretched through fence staples. Suddenly I heard my son yell, “There’s a bear in the beeyard!” I had never met Rodney, but a burden for his soul descended on me. I’m not that brave a man, but the next Sunday after lunch, I drove uninvited to Rodney’s house. His eyes were full of questions as he came out to meet me.
Mission leaders decided it was unlikely we could get to the Port-au-Prince airport safely by road. Indeed, we heard gunshots frequently, and gang members guarded two roadblocks within sight of our compound. The mission decided to evacuate us by helicopter to the airport so that we could leave the country.
This compilation of sixty-five stories and articles can be incorporated into family worship and school devotionals or read for personal inspiration.
Softcover, Pages: 239

  • Published by: Christian Light Publications

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