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Lorene Martin


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Lorene and Marvin looked forward to sharing their secret—twins were joining their family! But things didn’t happen the way they expected. Twenty minutes before birth, one baby lost her oxygen supply. Brittany survived but faced a multitude of medical issues after her birth.

Would she suffer brain damage? Would her kidneys begin to work, or would she need a transplant? Would she survive septic shock? What caused her recurring fevers? Again and again the doctors shook their heads, amazed at Brittany’s determination to live but sometimes baffled by her complex condition. She was one in a thousand!

Join the Martin family as they travel this challenging medical journey with their critically ill daughter. It’s a journey marked with hours of joy and days of exhaustion, a journey borne by deep faith, earnest prayers, caring friends, and quiet miracles. Paperback, 313 pages

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