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Alison Stoltzfus


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It was as though a voice were whispering to me over and over, like a father soothing a frightened child, “You don’t need to be perfect to show them My love. Just do it for Me . . . I will never leave you or forsake you.”

This was why I had come here, to show the refugees Jesus’ love, even across language barriers, so that someday, maybe, they could trust Him as their Saviour. I had not come to be the perfect nurse—I had not come to save every life and heal every wound. And so, for Jesus, I bandaged skinned knees and washed the hair on heads split open and bleeding. The joy of the Lord, I repeated to myself as I worked, is my strength.

How Beautiful the Dusty Road is Alison’s story of serving as a volunteer nurse in the largest refugee camp in the world. Through the dust and disease, through patients rescued and lost, through relationships and trials, God gave her a greater understanding of what it means to love as He loved. Softcover, 115 pages

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