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Virginia Crider


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Growing up in a Christian home, Virginia Crider never imagined she would marry an unbeliever. But she did. Her return to the Lord after ten years of difficult married life plunged her into even greater conflict with her husband. How could she handle his alcohol-fueled taunts and insults? Must she bear with his accusations and lies? What should she do when he demanded that she go against her conscience?

Virginia prayed earnestly for God’s help and searched for answers in His Word. She had gotten into this trial in the first place by neglecting Scripture and her relationship with God, and only through God’s grace and faithful obedience to His Word would she have any hope of victory.

God answered Virginia’s pleas for wisdom and strength, filling her with peace in a painful, turbulent marriage. God Is Enough is the true story of how she found security, experienced the power of prayer and forgiveness, and sought to love and respect her husband despite the pain he brought her. Her story is a powerful testimony that God can turn severe trials into triumphs. paperback, 118 pages

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