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John Coblentz


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The heart is a marvelous thing. It is created by God, for God. It has longings and desires and out of those, man responds. Our heart was designed to worship God. However, sin damages our hearts, deadens our conscience, darkens our understanding and mind and warps our desires. It enslaves the will, clouds our judgement and alienates us from God.Then there is cleansing. Through repentance, confession, acquaintance and fellowship with God, the heart is changed and recreated into the likeness of Him who loved us and died for us. Now we have a new and clean heart with new desires and longings. One that is changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord. Through having a love for Truth and experiencing God's love in our hearts we can have A Heart for God.This book is written for those who love light and are willing to expose their hearts to God and man. It is written on a scriptural basis with clear outlines and with an easy reading style. The reader will be challenged, inspired, instructed, and changed into a vessel that is fit to bring glory and honor to Christ's kingdom.
paperback, 133 pages.

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