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Lou Priolo


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Many Christians see conflict as a dirty word-something wrong to be avoided at all costs. After all, aren't Christians to be peacemakers who strive to maintain unity? But, as Lou Priolo reminds us, many other things that the Bible exhorts us to do-including its commands to convict, rebuke, and admonish other Christians-make conflict a necessary part of the Christian life.
Lou takes us through the biblical principles of conflict resolution, beginning before conflict even starts. He shows us the prerequisites we must have as we go into conflict, what is at the heart of our conflict, when it is biblical and unbiblical, and how we should respond to it. He also shares practical steps and advice, giving us specific talking points to resolve conflict and journaling exercises to help us to grow when it happens. Learn how to "make every effort" to maintain unity-even when that effort involves conflict first!
Paperback, 320 pages.

  • Published by: P & R Publishing

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