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Katrina Hoover Lee


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October 16, 2021, dawned clear and warm in Haiti–a perfect day for the planned trip to the orphanage. Little did the seventeen missionaries realize they would not make it home that day. Not even when the cry came, “Roadblock ahead!”

Although violence was an expected part of life in Haiti, the missionaries had not sensed any great danger; the gangs normally only wanted their money. Today, however, was different. As the bus hurtled down the road with armed gangsters in control, the missionaries faced a horrifying truth—they were being kidnapped.

For the twelve adults, two teenagers, and three children, the coming days were a harrowing ordeal. As they faced danger, health issues, and possible death, they cried out to God– and He supplied. But one prayer remained unanswered: their prayer for release.

Behind the scenes, mission administrators and government officials grappled with how to address the crisis. Around the world, people prayed.

Though increasingly desperate to leave, the hostages were unable to agree on a course of action.

One day the impasse was finally broken. As they yielded to each other, they became of one heart and one mind. Now God could work. That night He did.

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