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Books For Those In The Ministry

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1. The Church -Ministerial Authority and Oversight -Preaching the Word -Calling for Response to the Word -Leading a Soul to Christ
2.Administering the Ordinances
-Preparing the Applicant for Baptism -The Baptismal Service -Examination Meetings -Communion -Feet Washing -Marriage -Wedding Procedures -Anointing with Oil
3.Membership -Receiving Members From Other Denominations -Receiving Members From Similar Congregations -Dealing With Transgressors -Excommunication -Receiving Penitent Excommunicated Persons -Solving Marital Difficulties
4.Ordinations -Taking Nominations -Interviewing Nominees -The Ordination Service -The Ordination Charges -Counseling the Newly Ordained
5.Order of Services -Sunday Morning Services -Other Regular Services -Special Meetings -Funerals
6.Practical Counsel For Ministers -Interministerial Relationships -The Minister's Wife -Relating to The Congregation -Intercongregational Relationships -Family Problems -Sick-Bed Visitation -Death-Bed Visitation -A Death in The Congregation
A handy little book for those that are ministers.
Hard Cover, 93 Pages. 5.75" x 3.75" x .25"

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